Weed Commissioner

Lee County Noxious Weed Control

The control of noxious weeds in Lee County requires a cooperative effort of all property owners in the county. The Board of Supervisors and the County Weed Commissioner encourage all property owners to become familiar with the various species of noxious weeds in the state and take the necessary control measures, during the prime growing season, to control these weeds.

Code of Iowa

The responsibility for the control of noxious weeds is established by Chapter 317 of the Code of Iowa. The code further defines what a noxious weed is and the role of the County Weed Commissioner.

The code requires each property owner to control the noxious weeds that may be on their property (317.10).

Noxious Weed Identification

In order to improve the identification of noxious weeds the following web sites are available for you reference: