Lee County Secondary Roads logoThe County Engineer administers the construction and maintenance of the secondary road system in Lee County. The road system includes bridges and culverts also.

Engineering Duties

  • Administers and oversees contract construction & maintenance projects
  • Design, construction, and inspection of Lee County secondary road system
  • Budgeting and construction program development
  • Personnel administration
  • Accounting functions
  • Responds to petitions, requests, or concerns regarding roadway drainage and traffic studies, including road vacations, temporary road closures, speed studies, etc.
  • Review subdivision roadway design
  • Entrance permit review and approval
  • Permitting of utility or other work within the county road right of way
  • Oversize/overweight vehicle permit issuance
  • Section corner information, aerial photo information and bench mark information is available for public viewing
  • Right of way information on Lee County construction projects

Maintenance Duties

  • Maintains & repairs paved and gravel secondary roads
  • Bridge and culvert repairs
  • Ditch cleaning in order to allow proper drainage
  • Entrance installations for new driveways or extensions on existing entrances
  • Winter weather maintenance
  • Sign installation and maintenance