Lee County Conservation Board has many resources available to teachers; contact them today to check availability!

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Enviroscape is a desktop model that demonstrates point and non-point source and prevention of pollution in a watershed. The model includes a 65-page user’s guide, is easy to clean, and the materials come in a case.

Fishing Poles -Take your students fishing! LCCB has 32 poles to be used. Poles are ready to be used and tackle boxes are available. Live bait (minnows, worms, etc.) is the responsibility of the group. Call and reserve your poles today.

Resources - The LCCB has many books available for loan fictional stories, Native American Legends, informative books, and field guides may be checked out from our library.

“Wild-in-Iowa” Native Wildlife Trunk Program

“Wild-in-Iowa” is a program that makes use of “trunks”. Each trunk includes posters, puppets, skulls, tracks, books, study skins, and a five-day activity guide for the specified animal. The trunks are available for use in the classroom for one week. The goal of “Wild in Iowa” is to provide K-6th grade students with an understanding and appreciation for Iowa’s native wildlife.  Trunks available for checkout:

Bald Eagle/Raptors Bobcat Fish Bat
Beaver Reptiles & Amphibians White-tailed Deer Badger
Raccoon, Opossum & Skunk Mallard Duck River Otter Fox
Coyote Wild Turkey Spider Tree
Geology Birds Insects  
Rabbit, Squirrel, Chipmunk (one trunk, three animals)
Extirpated Animals (buffalo, elk, mountain lion and prairies)

Call the LCCB office to schedule the use of a trunk or mail in the form found on the website. Individual classrooms may use the trunk for one week. All trunks are reserved on a first from received, first to be scheduled basis. Teachers will be notified via postcard or email regarding trunk reservations.

CLICK HERE for the "Wild-in-Iowa" Trunk Form

The funding for this program is made possible by the Three Rivers Conservation Foundation, R.E.A.P. grant, Iowa Science Foundation Grant, LCCB Fundraising events, and various other donations from organizations, businesses and individuals.

The Tree Trunk comes to us from Trees Forever and Migratory Birds from Iowa Ornithologists Union.

Lee County Conservation Board Education Staff:
Naturalist - Clay Steele          EE Coordinator

Naturalist - Stefanie Paeg         



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Old Fort Madison

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