Financial duties of the Auditor include the preparation of the County's budget from material submitted by its departments and other agencies and issuing payment for all services, materials and payroll charged to the Lee County.

  Lee County, Iowa - Auditor

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Clerk to Board of Supervisors The Auditor prepares meeting agendas and notifies the media, maintains all official records of meeting minutes, Board voting records, resolutions, contracts, and correspondence. The office publishes the proceedings and other legal notices.

County Commissioner of Elections / Custodian of the Election Returns and Records / County Registrar of Voters - The auditor administers all federal, state, and local elections that take place in the county. Responsibilities include voter registrations, absentee voting, recruitment and training of precinct election officials, printing and counting ballots, receiving nomination papers and notifying voters of elections, certifying results to the state or political subdivision involved and issues certificates of election to the proper person. If you are interested in how you can become a Precinct Election Official click here for more information.

Budget Director The Auditor receives and compiles budget information from the various county departments and presents it to the Board of Supervisors and monitors the budget throughout the fiscal year. Budgets of other governmental entities are filed with the Auditor such as: Schools, Cities, Townships, Agricultural Extension, Emergency Management, County Assessor, E911 Service Board, etc.

Financial Officer The Auditor completes an annual financial report at the end of each fiscal year. Payroll is processed by this office. Claims for all services and materials rendered and charged to the various county departments are submitted to this office for payment.

Property Transfer and County Plats The Auditor enters and maintains records of all real estate transfers in the county. The Auditor keeps the plat maps and transfer books current so the public can examine them and determine property ownership.

Taxation The Auditor receives the assessed valuations from the county assessor and applies the biannual equalization and annual rollback to produce the taxable valuation for each property in the county. The auditor processes taxes and produces a tax book for the county treasurer.

Permits The Auditor processes cigarette licenses, beer & liquor permits for businesses in unincorporated areas.

Custodian of the Courthouse

Offices Located At:
933 Avenue H
PO Box 190
Fort Madison, IA 52627-0190
Phone: 319-372-3705

Office Hours:
Monday Friday
8:30 am 4:30 pm

County Auditor:
Denise Fraise

Employees in
Auditor's Office:

Michelle Dodson
Real Estate

Heather Billings
Real Estate

Sara Helenthal

Accounting Tech

Kim Spear
Accounting Tech

Erica Lambert
Accounting Tech

Nikki Sugars
Deputy Auditor/
Elections Administrator

Cindy Renstrom
Budget Director

Michelle Reed
Benefits Coordinator

Auditor's Forms:
Downloadable forms
used in the Auditor's office

Auditor's Links:
Iowa State Association of County Auditors

Iowa State Association of Counties

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