Lee County E911.

  Lee County, Iowa - E911

  Please have the following information:
Parcel Number of property
Township and section that the property is located in.
Know the name of the road that the entrance/driveway is on for the property.
Know where the driveway or access point to the property from the road will be.
List the nearest existing address to the property you are requesting a new address assignment for (including direction from the property).
There is a fee of $30.00 to obtain a 911 address and marker.  The  fee will be $15.00 if only an address assignment is needed.  (This will only be allowed if no structure is being placed on the property).
When you have gathered the above information, please fill out the downloadable 911 Address Assignment form on this page.  Email the completed form to E911Board@leecounty.org or mail the completed form to E911 Board, 2530 255th Street, Montrose, IA 52639.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing

The rural address markers are provided by the Lee County E911 Service Board for a fee of $30.00 for new structures and $15.00 for an address assignment only.

There is no charge for a replacement 911 marker, regardless of whether it was stolen, lost or damaged.  Contact the E911 Service Board if replacement is needed.

All 911 signs are installed by the rural fire departments.

CLICK HERE to view the E911 Map
E911 Service Board
Office Located At:
Lee County Sheriff's Office
2530 255th Street

Montrose, Iowa 52639

Email Address:

Tonya Harvey

Vice Chair:
Brett Davis

E911 Forms:
Downloadable forms
used in the E911 office

911 Address Assignment Form

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